They Shoot Horses Don’t They? put to pasture

After five years of amazing fans with its brash, brass-based sound, local indie outfit They Shoot Horses Don’t They? is calling it quits. Having released two criminally overlooked albums of oompa-laden rock on seminal Pacific Northwest indie label Kill Rock Stars, the oddball outfit will trot on-stage one last time at the Astoria on April 26. “It saddens me,” singer Nut Brown told the Straight. “We love playing together. It’s just circumstances and events, you know.” The vocalist gave several reasons why the act is disbanding, including trombonist Pietro Alessandro’s upcoming move to Montreal, the departure of drummer Bruce Dyck, and, most notably, the absence of new material. On hiatus since December, the group has drawn a blank on composing. Rather than force out some subpar tunes, the Horses prefer to let their legacy stand. “It’s kind of nice to do two albums and call it quits while you’re ahead,” Brown said. “Everybody in the band is talking that way.”