Astoria goes quiet

The Astoria Hotel (769 East Hastings Street) has elected to temporarily close its doors to music and entertainment, after receiving the latest in a string of noise complaints from upstairs tenants.

The Downtown Eastside venue had been forced to roll its closing time back by an hour earlier in the week, but a visit by city building inspectors during DJ Dustin Bromley’s weekly Better Than Nothing night on September 13 was the last straw.

“I’ve closed the bar for a couple of weeks so we can fix the problem of sound insulation,” bar manager Rudy Dasta told the Straight. “They told me not to put on any music after 12 o’clock until we have it soundproofed, so I already have two contractors giving me quotes.”

Dasta continued, “Most of the crowd start coming at 11:30, so there’s no point closing after half an hour. So we’ll just get the problem fixed and after that, back to business.”