Vancouver Sun editorial gets it wrong on fall of Stephen Harper government

Today, the Canwest-owned Vancouver Sun published an editorial that claimed “no good would come from bringing down the Conservative government this early in its renewed mandate”.

It was typical balderdash from the Vancouver Sun, which has always endorsed Harper and even endorsed Stockwell Day when he ran for prime minister in 2000.

As the Georgia Straight pointed out in its pre-election issue—which carried the cover line “Stop Harper”—a great deal of good would come from replacing Harper as prime minister and tossing the Conservatives out.

Here are just a few  positive things that might happen:

”¢  A Liberal-NDP coalition government would stop the senseless appeal of B.C. Supreme Court Justice Ian Pitfield’s decision that allowed Vancouver’s supervised-injection site to remain open.

”¢  Canada might get a prime minister who won’t boycott an international AIDS conference in his own country and who doesn't reject the wisdom of scientists on issues ranging from climate change to drug treatment.

”¢  Canada would have a prime minister who recognizes the urgency of climate change and who would give responsible instructions to Canada’s negotiating team at the crucial UN climate conference that begins in Copenhagen this November.

”¢  There would be less spending on the military and more spending on the arts, which wouldn't be treated as a "niche issue" by the government.

”¢  Canadians could  feel confident that the military mission in Afghanistan wouldn’t continue after 2011.

”¢  A Liberal-NDP coalition government would appoint more progressive judges to the Supreme Court of Canada and to superior courts in the provinces.

”¢  There would be a reduced chance of the Canadian government extraditing Marc Emery to the United States, where he would rot in jail for the rest of his life for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.

”¢  The court challenges program would be reinstated, resulting in a more level playing field for disadvantaged groups. Canada might even get a national daycare program if Harper is bounced out of office.

”¢  A federal stem-cell advisory panel wouldn’t be stacked with opponents of embryonic stem-cell research, which would be a relief to those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and other debilitating conditions.

”¢  Stockwell Day would no longer be a senior cabinet minister, and whoever is in cabinet will no longer be muzzled and have their communications and speeches vetted by the prime minister's office.

”¢  Canada might finally approve a UN resolution regarding indigenous rights.

”¢  Canada would no longer be ruled by a control freak who has exerted greater political control over the RCMP, which poses a threat to Canadian civil liberties.

Mr. anonymous Vancouver Sun editorial writer,   you got it wrong when you claimed that no good would come from bringing down the Conservative government.

In the eyes of many people who live in Metro Vancouver,  Canada would enjoy many benefits  if Harper was forced into opposition. We might even get more cabinet ministers out of the deal.




Nov 29, 2008 at 8:34pm

.....and Harper & Co. wouldn't get a chance to complete the job that Mulroney started...selling out Canada's sovereignty to US interests.


Dec 1, 2008 at 12:56pm



christopher moreno

Dec 1, 2008 at 10:05pm

Well it would appear that now not only do we get the benefit of the NDP and the Liberals each agreeing to spend our money for the benefit of the other but we also get to send billions of tax dollars to Quebec to help them separate.
Great work. What a disappointment.


Dec 2, 2008 at 12:17am

just remember Chretien did not attend the Aids conference when it was in Vancouver - there are no virtuous parties in Canada - only small men with big egos


Dec 2, 2008 at 9:57am

sure in the eyes of "many" metro vancouverites it would be a good thing...but where is the DEMOCRACY. we as a country elected in the not even 2 months later it was all for nothing. Is the electionprocess truley and illusion?? Our goverment under the coalition is not an elected government. It is seized. Our entire goverment decided by 5 people who are all in a position to further thier own agendas. That isnt Democracy ... it is a crock. It is a final attempt by Dion to get into power after his dismal showing 2 months ago. Do you really think he'll step down if he is Prime Minister... i think not. This entire situation stinks of bitterness and hurt fellings over Dion getting beat. If they are truely wanting Harper out due to non-confidence. then push for a new election. By forcing a colition on us will only ensure a crushing victory by the conservative in the next election. We the people want to chose our leader, not be dictated to who it will be


Dec 2, 2008 at 4:13pm

Celestialruin says: " we as a country elected in the not even 2 months later it was all for nothing. Is the electionprocess truley and illusion?? Our goverment under the coalition is not an elected government. It is seized."

It would seem the pathetic grammar and spelling skills of Celestialruin are indicative of a failure to also grasp the fundamental realities of our parliamentary system. Thousands of irate Con supporters are all making the same erroneous conclusion..."Our goverment under the coalition is not an elected government.". HELLO...every member of the coalition is an elected MP and as a group they represent a clear majority of MPs and a clear majority of the popular vote. Of course, if you tended to be the type of student who lined up behind the bully in the schoolyard, you would be hard pressed to break 100 on an IQ test..never mind making intelligent choices on election day. Thank Lucifer our populace is not as militarized as the collection of devolved, dumbed down, lard and tansfat injected, fascist loving, xian zombies in the USA...yet.

D Milburn- soon to be an angel in distress.

Apr 15, 2010 at 9:59pm

I am a very proud Canadian but getting very upset with the MP's who display their ignorance when in parliament. The examples set by these MP's for our younger generation growing up - listening to the swearing, foul language and fighting is disgraceful. Our Canada was one of the leading countries of the world - no matter where one travelled ; if you said 'from Canada' you were given a welcome.
Our PM Stephen Harper is a fine man trying to do a difficult job - those who wish to remove him are most likely the ones I refer to above.