Sex Party candidate Dietrich Pajonk brings vegan condoms to Canada

Last week, the Straight ran a commentary by Sex Party leader John Ince describing the connection between sexual satisfaction and environmentalism. Dietrich Pajonk, the Sex Party candidate in Vancouver-Hastings and president of Kare Kits Inc., is now taking that theme one step further.

Kare Kits is a distributor of Glyde latex condoms, a vegan product that’s set to launch in Canada next month.

So what’s a vegan condom anyways? While most condoms are made from natural latex rubber, they’re also manufactured using casein, an animal byproduct derived from milk. Glyde condoms substitute casein with a thistle extract for a feel-good vegan time. The Glyde Web site also states that the condoms are not tested on animals. Terrible visual images aside, the product is also the first condom brand to receive a stamp of approval from both the Vegan Society and PETA.

Flavoured condoms—available in blueberry, licorice, and vanilla—are even made using organic-food product extracts.

“If you use Glyde condoms, you’ll be ensuring a happy ending not just for you, but for Mother Nature too!” Pajonk said in a Kare Kits press release.

Pajonk’s work with Kare Kits was part of the reason he decided to campaign for provincial election. “In running a business related to sexuality, I’ve come up against so many social barriers because mainstream Canadian culture is rife with negative attitudes towards consensual adult sexual activity,” said Pajonk in the release. “That’s why I joined the Sex Party and am trying to be a force for positive change.”

Glyde condoms will be available on-line, as well as from speciality retailers across Canada, including Finlandia Pharmacy and Burnaby’s Karmavore Vegan Shop.

Pajonk will be pitching the product—billed on the Glyde Web Site as the “best choice for today’s smart ecosexual”—on the CBC reality show Dragons’ Den on May 7.