NDP MLA Jenny Kwan works phones after editing error in COPE AGM message

Not long after the Straight reported on-line on September 19 that Jenny Kwan described the Coalition of Progressive Electors as the “only civic party that is truly committed to being an effective representative of the grassroots in Vancouver”, the provincial politician begun to ring some numbers.

The New Democrat MLA called elected representatives of Vision Vancouver to inform them that there was an editing error in her message that was read on her behalf at COPE’s annual general meeting that day.

“It’s where it reads that COPE is the only civic party representing the grassroots,’ Kwan told the Straight by phone on September 21. “I think that should have read, actually, that COPE is a party that does represent the grassroots.”

Vision, which draws huge financial contributions from both corporations and labour unions, is a breakaway party from COPE. In the 2008 municipal election, the two entered into a three-way partnership with the local Greens.

“I’ve always been supportive of progressive forces coming together to represent our community,” Kwan said.

Coun. Geoff Meggs was among the Vision folks reached by Kwan. “She wanted to reassure us that she’s very convinced that Vision is also a grassroots organization, not just COPE,” Meggs told the Straight by phone.

Noting that he’s a big fan of Kwan, Meggs also said that the Vancouver–Mount Pleasant MLA “didn’t want us to get the impression that she was making any disparaging comparisons”.

“I certainly didn’t think she was, so that’s fine,” added Meggs, whose wife, Jan O’Brien, is the NDP provincial secretary.



glen p robbins

Sep 22, 2010 at 1:46pm

Ralph Kramden - humna-humna-humna


Sep 23, 2010 at 12:56pm

Here is more documentation of the NDP ordered shot-gun marriage of Vision/COPE: I’ve always been supportive of progressive forces coming together to represent our community,” Kwan said. Kwan goes to COPE meetings, a well-known assistant of hers was very active in Vision. The tentacles extend throughout both camps. Kwan is just one of many: Green, Meggs, Stevenson, Mayor Moonbeam, dozens of others in both parties, e.g. check out the list of COPE's new board. There will be no progressive politics in BC until that giant incubus known as the NDP is not involved.


Sep 23, 2010 at 1:07pm

Vision, grassroots?

With party events $75 to $150 a head, Vision Councilors, let alone Mayor Robertson, are shutting themselves off from most of this city and are nowhere to be seen in the very community meetings that define grassroots organizing and are heart of the neighbourliness of Vancouver.

They are too busy selling off development rights and Vancouver real estate to the highest bidder so they can keep their political machine well greased and money going to their key supporters in untendered contracts, short-term thinking for short-term gain. Rezoning vast swaths of this city for high-rise development continues to inflate land values, as everyone sees a potential tower going up on their RS1 lot.

Of course, the faster the supply of buildable land goes up, the lower values will fall when people realize the demand is gone and NOTHING is selling, not just in Olympic Village.

Vision policies are bringing on a real estate market collapse never before seen in North America, and this includes the cities of Miami, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, all of whom boast more long-term, non-development-industry jobs than Vancouver has been able to create in the past decade.

Vision is doing nothing to make this city more economically viable, ecologically balanced, or socially just, the three pillars of sustainability. Neither for residents nor the small and medium-sized businesses are Vision policies directed as tax rates climb and services are cut to the very people that generate the jobs, income, and technical innovations that are the foundation and future of Vancouver.

Grassroots Vision is NOT!