Christy Clark's campaign in Vancouver-Point Grey offers a hint of what's to come

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      In their campaign against the NDP's David Eby in Vancouver-Point Grey, the B.C. Liberals demonstrated that they're quite prepared to employ Stephen Harper-style negative attacks in the next provincial election.

      The Christy Clark campaign pulled out all the usual tricks: unflattering black-and-white photos of its opponent, supplemented with inflammatory quotes purporting to make Eby look extreme.

      Rather than engaging in intelligent dialogue about the war on drugs, the B.C. Liberals chose instead to characterize Eby as some sort of nutbar who is intent on legalizing everything.

      Clark's campaign manager, Colin Hansen, even tried to make an issue out of Eby expressing concerns about B.C. Ferries blocking access to websites through WiFi.

      Harper's Conservatives have proven that debasing the political process works, so we shouldn't be surprised that Clark and Hansen would go down the same road. After all, the B.C. Liberals have already proven that they are truly a right-wing party.




      May 11, 2011 at 8:47pm

      Reminds me very much of the tactics used in the Kash Heed campaign - the NDP will legalize DRUGS!!! - and the smear job against Jack Layton in the final days of the federal campaign. Scare the voters, and try to distract them from looking too closely at your record.

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