These Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers will bring all the boys in the yard

Product: Limited edition Strawberry Milkshake Flavoured Whoppers
Size: 311 g carton

I found these at Shoppers Drug Mart, and just had to try them out.

They're slightly perfumey smelling, with the scent of cotton candy. The strawberry icing is extremely sugary tasting, even moreso than the regular chocolate Whoppers.

They do have 0.2 g transfat (190 calories for 18 pieces).

After a few of them, I had enough so I decided to put them to the leave-them-by-the-coffee-machine test.

Mike Candyman Usinger, who has a sweet tooth, loved them of course. Arts editor Brian Lynch was a bit stunned on his first few bites but in spite of that, he was a return customer.

And a little squirrel kept running up to the carton, stealing a few, and running away with them. Turns out, the squirrel's name was Amanda Growe.

Amanda and I both agreed, they have a certain gross factor due to the excessive sweetness. But I think kids and sugar-deprived office workers will like them.