The Return of JP5

Before it disappeared four years ago, JP5 seared many a lasting image on the retinas of Vancouver fans. The fact that people haven’t forgotten the group fronted by notorious singer/free spirit Gerry-Jenn Wilson was brought home recently to Wilson through her MySpace page. “We’ve had a lot of old fans contacting us,” Wilson told the Straight. “There’s a demand for JP5.” And, with the lineup from the group’s lone full-length album, Hot Box, available—including Real McKenzies guitarist Kurt Robertson, bassist Ms. Ligaya, and drummer Brien O’Brien—Wilson decided it was time to get JP5 back together for a reunion. “People have been thinking about us. I’ve gotten in touch with a lot of old friends through MySpace.”

A Fringe Festival play and a stab at standup comedy have kept Wilson busy on her sabbatical from music. “It seemed like a refreshing change from rock ”˜n’ roll,” she said. JP5 plays its old drinking grounds the Cobalt on Saturday (October 28). “Hopefully there’ll be some guest appearances from ex-members, some of the 30 people who’ve been in and out of the group,” said Wilson, who promises a few new tunes such as “Takin’ Back the Empties” along with Hot Box faves like “As Is Dept.” and “Beer Drinkin’ Maneaters”.

“It will be interesting to see who comes out of the woodwork.”