Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Larry

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      Candice Roberts’s one-woman show challenges the extremes and limitations of the gender binary through a FUBAR-esque mechanic metalhead named Larry who loves dick jokes, ball jokes, and beer.

      His malapropisms are laugh-out-loud missteps (he’s “no idiom”) and his hyper-sexist attitudes are begging for a swift kick. But he’s also fallen for a beautiful, smart woman who refuses his invitation to go on a date because she prefers men who are artistic, empathetic, and cultured.

      Larry decides to prove he’s all of those things—if he can fix a car, he can fix himself—and it’s all a credit to Roberts’s creation and performance that Larry is as funny as he is flawed.

      The show takes a surprising turn when Larry demonstrates how to meditate, moving into a long but compelling dream sequence, one that may or may not leave Larry changed forever.

      This is a daring, weird, hilarious show with headbanging, so basically everything you could want from the Fringe.