JFL NorthWest tip sheet: Judah Friedlander, Chris Redd, Beth Stelling, and Ronny Chieng

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      JFL Northwest has some big names on its roster this year, but don’t let these laugh-getters fly under your radar.


      Judah Friedlander: Future President

      February 16 at the Rio Theatre

      Best-known for his role as slacker writer Frank Rossitano on NBC’s late, great 30 Rock and for his on-stage persona as the World Champion, America’s shaggiest comedian throws his trucker hat into the U.S. election ring and hosts a mock town hall. Watch the master of crowd work take your questions on his presidential platform.


      Chris Redd 

      February 15 at the Biltmore Cabaret

      If you know the Chicago-bred Redd (at left) from Saturday Night Live, you know he can get big laughs from a single look. But you might not be expecting this kind of show—laid-back, conversational, and intimate. Dude is one smooth storyteller.


      Beth Stelling

      February 20 at the Biltmore Cabaret

      Stelling has been a solid standout at past fests. Smart, parched-dry-sarcastic, and self-effacing, she finds fresh ways to mine painfully real personal territory—everything from her sex life to weight gain to her by-now-famously dysfunctional upbringing.


      Ronny Chieng

      February 22 at the Vogue Theatre

      The Malaysian-born Daily Show correspondent kills on his latest Netflix special, Asian Comedian Destroys America!. Chieng makes elaborate play out of his outsider status in the U.S., blithely taking on the explosive terrain of racial stereotypes. And if you think he’s funny when he’s grumpy, just wait till he gets pissed off.