Things To Do: 6 can't-miss Vancouver arts events this week, October 19 to 25

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      Editor’s choice

      Pick up the Red Phone

      Take two beautifully crafted booths and equip each with an old-school red phone with a curly cord. Add a TelePrompTer and a conversation about life and art guided by a playwright, and you get a theatre experience with an intimacy unlike anything you’ve seen before. To launch its latest Micro Performance Series, Boca del Lupo is bringing back Red Phone as part of the Vancouver Writers Fest. This is as micro as it gets, folks: there’s only an audience of two, each in his or her booth, having a 10-minute talk with a complete stranger. Take the leap and connect.

      Red Phone is at the Fishbowl on Granville Island from Wednesday to Sunday (October 19 to 23).


      High five

      Five events you just can’t miss this week

      Music of the Americas

      The Vancouver Chamber Choir travels to the Caribbean, Mexico, and beyond.
      October 21 at Ryerson United Church

      The Flick

      Rave reviews for this tale of three movie-house misfits.
      To October 29 at the Arts Club’s Granville Island Stage

      Screens and Thresholds

      Raymond Boisjoly curates a provocative array.
      To December 4 at Presentation House Gallery

      Fight Night

      Cast your votes for actors in this clever deconstruction of election systems.
      To October 29 at the Cultch

      The Heart’s Jewel

      A chance to see violin superstar Stefan Jackiw play Mendelssohn.
      October 22 to 24 at the Orpheum