The Improv Centre launches fall program with Stage Fright: Murder at The Improv on September 30

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      The Improv Centre has announced that it will present its newest show, Stage Fright: Murder at the Improv, from September 20 to October 29.

      The 90-minute murder-mystery show, described as "a killer comedy where you figure out who-dunnit", will be performed Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm at the Improv Centre on Granville Island.

      In other news, the company has also announced its new ensemble of performers. Returning to the stage with artistic director Jalen Saip and interim general manager Angela Galanopoulos are Aida Viziru, Alex Parra, Allen Morrison, Andrew Barber, Andrew Job, Brad Duffy, Chris Casillan, Drew Clarke, Ed Witzke, Jacki Gunn, Jeff Cooper, John Voth, Julia Church, Meaghan Hommy, Montana Rosalle, Rachel Kent, Rafael Rogers, Stephanie Webster, Will Vaughan, Brad Rossington, Brian Anderson, and Ken Lawson.

      And joining these veteran performers are newcomers Alan Pavlakovic, Alex Gullason, Camille Legg, Cari Leslie, Daniel Chai, Dan Willows, Helen Camisa, Holly Collis Handford, Maggie Onedo, Mary Saunders, Matthew Ip Shaw, and Riley Hardwick.

      The Improv Centre artistic director Jalen Saip.

      “We were so excited and inspired by the breadth of talent that we saw during the audition process,” says Saip in a news release. “I look forward to the fresh perspective and the diverse ideas these performers, new and old, will bring to our stage in the upcoming seasons.”

      For more info on Improv Centre shows and to purchase tickets visit the company website here.