Vancouver photographer Christopher Edmonstone shoots for coffee-table book depicting life in pandemic self-isolation

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      You may have noticed the eye-catching photography of Christopher Edmonstone lately. I know I have. He took the awesome beachfront photo of Vancouver guitar great Shaun Verreault that was used in my Georgia Straight story last week.

      When the COVID-19 hit last year it put all of Edmonstone's usual work as a concert photographer on hold, so he started up a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of self-publishing a full-colour photo book depicting life in pandemic self-isolation. It's titled Me Myself and I: A Whimsical Look at Life in Lockdown

      "With a complete shutdown of much of his usual subject matter, he turned his lens on the one person he was with all the time--himself," reads a press release on the book. "As an opportunity to stay occupied and continue to grow creatively, he has layered his unique aesthetic onto his experiences of isolation in a unique and humorous way."

      “The photographs are presented chronologically and definitely evolve from the everyday routine into the surreal," explains Edmonstone, "with a recurring theme of being trapped in isolation. It was a ton of fun to make these photographs even if the circumstances that are bringing them about are grim.

      "Finding an interesting way to document my life in lockdown provided a much needed diversion from the world raging outside my door and it felt good to be productive again," he adds. "It also gave me the occasion to actually put some pants on because let’s face it, most people were lounging about in boxers or sweatpants at home whether they were working or not.”

      Me Myself and I includes a forward by local author, historian, and musician Aaron Chapman, whose books on Vancouver nightlife include Live at the Commodore and Vancouver After Dark. 

      To learn more about Edmonstone's work and his Kickstarter campaign visit his website here.