Zee Zee Theatre adapts its Human Library into the digital space with Virtual Humanity from March 6 to 28

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      Zee Zee Theatre presents Virtual Humanity, a one-on-one experience that adapts the company’s annual Human Library project into the digital space, from March 6 to 28.

      During the event, curated by Sam Chimes and Bunny (Daisy Joe), participants can ‘check out’ a human for a candid conversation about their life experiences, culture, and beliefs. The online edition will feature an array of new and returning ‘Virtual Humans’—with a particular emphasis on representation from BIPOC individuals—available for 20-minute loans over the course of four weekends.

      Tina Krueger Kulic

      “This past year has been one of both intense isolation and frisson," says Virtual Humanity producer Jordy Matheson in a press release. "There has been a severe lack of face-to-face interactions that are not fraught or functional. Virtual Humanity creates a digital space that allows for a kind of open conversation and learning. The kind which can be difficult to come by in the intense and polarized online world.

      "A great deal of division is created from people not engaging with each other and really listening," adds Matheson. "What makes this project so powerful—radical, even—is that we’re asked to face our differences straight on, literally. There is no turning a blind eye, no resting in apathy. It’s two people sharing something intimate as a means to incrementally change the world.”

      Day passes will be available starting February 15 through weshowup.io. For more info visit the Zee Zee Theatre website here.