Alain Vigneault might finally win a Stanley Cup, but not in Vancouver

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      It wasn't as bad as the Vancouver Canucks trading Cam Neely and a first-round draft pick (Glen Wesley) to the Boston Bruins for Barry Pedersen.

      In some hockey fans' opinions, that was the most lopsided deal in NHL history.

      Neely had three 50-goal seasons for the Bruins whereas the greatest output Pedersen ever managed in a Canucks uniform was 24 goals and 76 points in his debut year in Vancouver.

      But the Canucks decision to hire former Rangers coach John Tortorella and fire Alain Vigneault, who ended up behind the Rangers bench, is not looking like the smartest move one year later.

      As I watched the Los Angeles Kings defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 5-4 in overtime in the Western Conference final, it dawned upon me how long it's been since the Canucks were even on the ice.

      It was April 13 when they beat the Flames 5-1.

      Vigneault's Rangers are already in the Stanley Cup final this year, having disposed of the Montreal Canadiens to win the Eastern Conference championship.

      And if Vigneault leads his team to the Stanley Cup, you don't have to be a psychic to predict that this will lead to another round of Tortorella bashing on Vancouver websites.

      For a taste of what might be on the horizon, check out the Bleacher Report's analysis by Adrian Dater.

      He likened Tortorella's coaching of the Rangers to Humphrey Bogart's performance as Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny.



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      Rangers already had a decent team.... Duh!!

      Jun 2, 2014 at 12:21pm

      Check last year... 96 points and 2nd in their Division.. So they already had a decent team unlike the Canucks who are rebuilding right now.

      He's a good coach, but let's not give him TOO much credit. If the Rangers wasn't a playoff team last year and then did what he did this year, fine. But he didn't, they already had a good team and he just added to it. Maybe the chemistry is better on the East Coast with him, who knows. But he just wasn't meant to be in Vancouver...

      Either way, i'll be rooting for LA, who the hell likes the Rangers!! especially after them Robbing our cup in 1994 (still the best Canucks team ever) Miss you Bure :*(


      Jun 3, 2014 at 8:08am

      The Rangers will be demolished by the Kings. Don't blame Torts because the Canucks are buried under a lot of bad contracts signed by Gillis.

      Knew it....

      Jun 10, 2014 at 11:53am

      Over-priced coach and choking with the Rangers, what a surprise. Most boring NHL Finals i've seen in years...

      Just goes to show he has choked with 2 teams now lol!!!

      Go Kings!!!!