(Almost) East Van Garbage Watch 2014: Cambie and Broadway edition

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      East Vancouver smells like shit.

      Between West Coast Reduction's rendering plant on North Commercial, the vomit and urine streaking the sidewalks and alleyways after special events, and the epic piles of garbage, it's hard to argue that the east side of town smells like anything other than rancid death.

      To wit, I present the first installment in 2014's edition of East Van Garbage Watch (patent pending): a semi-regular series of photos of disgustingness.

      Today's offender: There's no room for recyling at Cambie and Broadway.

      Okay, this time I went slightly outside of East Van—five blocks west, in fact. These are the cans outside the Broadway–City Hall Canada Line station, located at Cambie and Broadway. 

      One of the busiest exchanges in the city, this set of bins see a lot of garbage, so much so that all pretense of recycling is dropped in favour of jamming banana peels into the paper recycling slot.

      Bananas are paper now!
      Miranda Nelson

      I'm not sure who at the City's brain trust thought one measly trash receptacle would do for the over 25,000 commuters who use this station daily, but I'm here to say that it is not enough.

      What do you do when the garbage bin's full? Shove your refuse in the recyclables slot.
      Miranda Nelson
      To be fair, there are some recyclables hiding in there between pieces of trash.
      Miranda Nelson

      With summer rapidly approaching and temperatures on the rise, overflowing bins like these are only going to become more fragrant as the days drag on. 

      Previously on East Van Garbage Watch: General Brock Park's woefully inadequate garbage can situation.

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