Alternative Creations Studio

E16 1659 Venables Street

Mediums used by the artists  

Acrylic paint is the primary medium used in our studio.  We also create mixed media pieces, exploring the interplay of paper, wax and paint.  Sometimes we explore sculpture.

New Work for this year 

The Reversal Series

The Reversal Series (2018) blurs together aspects of drawing and painting to create ethereal, abstract and figurative works that hover on the precipice of appearance and disappearance, like a figure in the mist.  The works were made in stages on both sides of the semi-permeable canvas, with a preference given to the reversed side.

What brought the artists together? 

The studio operates as a cooperative of adults with developmental disabilities.  We provide the space and opportunity for our artists to showcase their skills and express themselves creatively.  Many of our artists excel at painting, cartooning, sketching and abstracts.  They participate in various local art shows and have exhibited in Auvillar, France.  We are proud to open our studio to the public every year as a community affiliate of the Eastside Culture Crawl.

How does working in a shared space affect the work?

Many of our projects are completed collaboratively and draw on the strengths of each artist.  However, there are many pieces that articulate the talents of an individual artist.

Why we love the Crawl   

We love having the public visit our studio, see how we function and meet our artists.  Not to mention, the Crawl provides invaluable exposure and a great opportunity to sell our art. 

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