Overwatch announces the return of highly coveted tokens, starting with the May Melee tournament

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      It’s taken nearly half of the current Overwatch League season, but fans will once again be rewarded for watching games. Yes, tokens are back in the mix.

      Tokens are highly coveted because they can be used to purchase Overwatch League skins. Fans have found themselves frustrated this season after play moved from the riotously popular and token-friendly gaming platform Twitch to YouTube.

      Twitch made it possible to pile up tokens for each hour of league play watched, but that option didn’t exist on YouTube.

      Moving forward, Overwatch disciples will get five tokens for every hour watched on the league’s various platforms while logged in, including its website, app, and mobile site.

      Should you be itching to start cashing in by blocking out 10 hours on the couch for reruns, be advised that the program only applies to live-streamed matches. The good news, though, is that you can take in games from all Overwatch League regions, including Asia Pacific.

      The price tag for home and away hero skins is 100 tokens, which can be cashed in whether you're playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation 4. 

      The token-time version of Christmas starts on May 22 with the May Melee tournament.

      For complete rules on the offer, go here