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E.g., Aug 21 2019

Beautiful smile, awkward car2go, Friday, Aug. 9th Granville/Davie

Admittedly an anachronistic means of contact, but I can't stop thinking about you. You flashed the most beautiful smile as you passed me walking my dog on Granville today. I smiled back, but was speechless. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you a few minutes later in a car2go with a friend - that smile again! I stopped so you could make the turn, but my smitten brain only made the situation awkward. If you’d allow me the pleasure, i’d love to properly introduce myself over a drink.

When: Friday, August, 09 2019

Where: Granville at Davie

Burgundy babe at second beach pool!

I got to second beach yesterday 8th at around 3.45pm. I was with my sister and 2 nephews and we set up in the corner of the grass section. This is when I noticed you just across. You were with 2 other ladies, I'm guessing a sister and mother? You were wearing a burgundy red bikini, you have some tattoos on your left arm and I think you had turquoise nails. I just wanted to tell you that you are a total babe and I couldn't help looking over at you lol. The 2 ladies left and you stayed for a bit before putting on white shorts and leaving yourself around 6ish. I wouldn't mind hitting that vape pen lol?

When: Thursday, August, 08 2019

Where: Second beach pool

Tattooed & Leggy on Nanaimo, Punky with Chunky Dyed Bangs

You were crossing First at Nanaimo in short shorts, sexy tattooed legs for days. Hair cut in chunky bangs dyed something cyan-magenta. I'm the full-sleeved beard-o in black tee, dark hair and dark Ray-Bans driving the white delivery van. You rubber-necked, all come-hither. First, crossing in front, then looking back again... then once more as I waited on your strut, crossing Nanaimo. We ogled each other five times. Give me another look. I'm your type. You're definitely mine.

When: Thursday, August, 08 2019

Where: Nanaimo at 1st Ave

Eavesdropping at Meet

You were having lunch with a friend at the table next to me and my friend, looking beautiful in a black dress on a hot summer day. I could tell you and your friend were eavesdropping on our conversation - I was the one babbling on about my PhD research and music. Would love to chat with you if you were interested in what I was saying. Of course, there is always the chance that you overheard and thought I was thoroughly pretentious!

When: Friday, August, 02 2019

Where: Meet in Gastown

The alibi room

Tennyson! I’m sorry I had to leave abruptly. I realized later that I have no way to get in touch with you. Coffee?

When: Wednesday, August, 07 2019

Where: Alibi room

Friday night dog walking

I was walking my friend's frenchie, a little bit lost, you were crossing the road with us and you asked how my day had been. We walked for a little while until pup got home. I wish I had chatted more with you, you have such a lovely smile. This is kinda selfish as I only have a couple of days left in Vancouver. I'll def be back, I just don't know when, exactly.... I would really like to see your smile again and have another walk

When: Friday, August, 02 2019

Where: Nelson St/Expo Boulevard ish

Sleepy boi in Electra building

Me, leaving work early cause my internet was down, you, finishing up a massage. We rode the elevator down together and you looked so dazed and sleepy after your massage. You said you liked how I looked, relaxed. Let's get coffee sometime?

When: Tuesday, August, 06 2019

Where: Downtown Vancouver, Electra building

VANCOUVER PRIDE 2019- Searching for the beautiful blonde, with accent, invisalign braces, white short and shorts-HARO AND DENMAN

I was at Vancouver Pride 2019, at Haro and Denman street in the front row. I was wearing the outfit below. You were a goregous blonde girl, with a charming accent, invisalign braces and shorts. We briefly spoke about my friends baby and the sperm bank float. You gave me a sticker and told me to have a good pride and lightly touched my arm. It wasn’t until a moment later I realized I missed my opportunity! Would love to take you out or let you ride the unicorn!

When: Sunday, August, 04 2019

Where: Haro and Denman Street, Vancouver B.C

Small island, working in the store

Long shot here and not normally something I'd do but....you were working at the store and I came in to get some wine as it was a rough trip across. I thought we may have shared a moment or perhaps it was just wishful thinking. I would have kept buying stuff I didn't need but my friend dragged me away. Anyways, you live " further south", maybe near my hood?? On the off chance you see this...sending it out to the universe.

When: Saturday, July, 27 2019

Where: Wee island that starts with a C

Australian guy at Centro during Pride

Hey you’re the Australian guy who was giving me looks and then chatted me up in the washroom. You told me you were “not from this planet”. I should’ve asked to be taken to your spaceship but missed the opportunity. Hope you see this and remember me and take me to your solar system.

When: Sunday, August, 04 2019

Where: Centro bistro on Denman


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