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E.g., Feb 18 2019

You saved me!

You saved me after my friends show at the Rickshaw. Would love to thank you properly. Call me:)

When: Saturday, January, 26 2019

Safeway bulk food + Chocolate almonds everywhere

You had glasses and long light hair, wearing a hat and a backpack. I was with my friend (both blonde) tattoos, and a bun in my hair and spilled chocolate almonds all over the place. You were buying some quinoa, we smiled at each other and you laughed at us, then bumped into each other again at the self checkout. I wanted to tell you that your smile is so lovely, but chickened out. Maybe I could try again!

When: Monday, January, 28 2019

Where: Safeway on Commercial Drive

Drinking for Eleven

Hey, We danced a bit at the end of the Mad Caddies. We introduced ourselves after their encore, but my buddy had to drag me away quickly. I'm the tall guy with the Green plaid shirt. You were blonde with the cool jean vest Do you remember what my name started with? Let's hit up another show!

When: Thursday, January, 31 2019

Where: Imperial


We crossed paths on the crosswalk. Me: black coat and glasses - hurrying back to work after my lunch break. You: cute, tall and freckled - headed in the opposite direction with your friends. I smiled. You said “Sup?” There was no time to reply - hit me up if you’re still curious though.

When: Wednesday, January, 30 2019

Where: Commercial Drive

West Jet Flight

We sat next to each other on a WestJet flight in Oct. I just broke up with my Girfriend and acxidentially said i had one. Didn’t want to sound weird so I left it. We had a connection and talked about an Instagram artist we both liked. How was the Beach? It’s a long shot but if you remember (you red hair me blond)and want to exchange vacation stories and Art interest let’s link up.

When: Saturday, October, 27 2018

Where: Vancouver -Mexico west jet flight

Choices on 16th

We chatted at the checkout line. Weather then briefly about your research work at UBC? I'd really enjoy continuing over coffee/wine!

When: Wednesday, January, 30 2019

Where: Choices market on 16th Ave in Kits

A quick smile in the Costco Parkade

You had just parked. I was chatting with a friend as you and I exchanged a smile. I tried to catch your eye as I was leaving but you didn’t see me. You seemed like you were looking back for me? Me...Brunette with a pony tail...you tall with dark hair and wearing a hat (I like your beard ;) Let’s grab a drink!

When: Tuesday, January, 29 2019

Where: Costco Parkade Vancouver

Handsome Landfill Attendant

You were working Sunday, Jan 27th around 10:40 am. You helped show me where to dispose of my old vacuum. I waved when I left, and was happy to see you wave back. You have such a great smile :) Coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, January, 27 2019

Where: Vancouver Landfill

Blonde @ D6

You were blonde wearing black dress and an unforgettable smile. Me east indian bald. You were at the bar getting a drink with 2 lady friends. Both of you had $20 each to pay for your drinks. One of your friends had long straight black hair, the other had shorter dark hair a little on the heavy side. All 3 of you were wearing black. I wish I had said hello. I loved your smile. Love to meet you for coffee. Can't get you out of my mind.

When: Saturday, January, 26 2019

Where: D6 at the Parq


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