Even if it's all complete bullshit, Red Dead Redemption II trailer depicts an old west world worth salivating over

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      Here are some interesting facts about the old west:

      • As much as Black Bart sounded every bit as cool and badass as Tony “Scarface” Montana, no one went around robbing banks every 3.4 hours. Stats from folks with likely too much time on their hands show there were roughly eight bank robberies in the Old West over 40 years.
      • Hardly anyone strutted around wearing a Yul Brynner-issue cowboy hat. Ever seen a picture of Billy the Kid? The dude looks profoundly brain-damaged, right down to a hat seemingly designed by some frontier-town Salvador Dali. Wild Bill Hickock, meanwhile, seemed to have been content sporting a flattened witch’s hat picked up at Bordertown Party Bazaar.
      • When it came to guns and gunfights, go here to spoil the illusion that 11 a.m whiskey shots at the Bucket of Blood Saloon were inevitably followed by a showdown at high noon in the centre of town. Even when gunslingers faced off, gawkers idiotic enough to stand there watching were often the ones who ended up taking a bullet.

      None of this, of course, does anything to dampen our excitement at today’s Red Dead Redemption II news.

      Video game developer Rockstar has released a new gameplay video for its upcoming old west epic, which was originally scheduled for release in late 2017, but delayed twice.

      From the trailer—which we just watched with a bottle of bathtub whiskey and wearing nothing but assless leather chaps while aimlessly twirling a Colt .45—the wait has been more than worth it. Red Dead Redemption II is scheduled to roll out October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One.

      Who gives a shit if the game’s depiction of the old west is about as accurate as an episode of Bonanza? Watch below and try not to salivate.