Your horoscope for July 11 to 17, 2019

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      From one eclipse to another, last week and next week take us through the activation peak of the month.

      Thursday can produce a breakthrough, break-free, or trigger-it day. Mars/Uranus can dish up the unexpected. Go with an instant hit; choose the spontaneous, creative, or innovative. Friday keeps the trend going strong. Whether on a getaway, enjoying a special event, or parking it right where you are, the weekend is a good one for taking it as it comes. Even so, there is more on brew than is obvious. Keep on watch; don’t ignore an impression or a gut feeling. Your inner radar is likely to be picking up signals. Sunday’s sun/Pluto can provide a clue or a preview of Tuesday’s lunar-eclipse agenda.

      The pressure is on. Accompanied by Venus/Saturn in opposition, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn (2:38 p.m. PDT) transforms the reality in some substantial and no-turning-back way. The eclipse exposes what has already been on brew but that has not yet been brought into the full light of day. Taking the reality as far as it can go in its present state, Sunday through Wednesday marks a time line, deadline, or finish line of significance. Endings and beginnings are intertwined. Once an objective or goal post, halt or stop has been reached, the stars immediately head on to a next phase or chapter. A potential solidifies and proves its worth.

      Drawing extra turbo from powerhouse Pluto, the eclipse can be formidable in terms of tearing down that which inhibits necessary change. What is meant to end, will. What is meant to overtake and succeed will continue to gain steam. What is swept away makes room for opportunity. Thursday, Venus/Neptune holds good promise.

      March 20 - April 20

      Mars/Uranus can dish up something exceptional on Thursday. It could be news, an opportunity (lucrative, romantic, or of the heart), or a sudden insight or creative-genius spark. The duo can set a trend or a domino into play. Regarding your career, personal life, or a family member, Sunday through Wednesday can transform your reality in some life-altering and long-term way.

      April 20 - May 21

      On a high-stress trigger over this past week, Mars/Uranus reach their breaking-point peak on Thursday. Provoked, liberated, or inspired—expect to hit go, perhaps unexpectedly so. The transit releases pent-up emotions and jettisons you past the jam-up. Tuesday’s lunar eclipse builds traction as of Sunday. Whether chosen or forced by circumstance, there is no turning back now.

      May 21 - June 21

      Thursday puts you in the know or puts it out in the open. Mars/Uranus can also break a silence or provide a fresh opportunity worth jumping on. Quick on the ball and on the fast track is the best way to play it through the weekend. Tuesday, the lunar eclipse brings you/it to a finish line and a next phase. Wednesday/Thursday, you’re on the upswing.

      June 21 - July 22

      This next week marks a turning point and karmic threshold-crossing of significance. Mars/Uranus (at peak on Thursday), sun/Pluto (at peak on Sunday), and Tuesday’s full-moon eclipse bring the exceptional into being, especially so for birthday folk. The process is one that transforms your consciousness and your reality in some life-altering way. Wednesday/Thursday, synchronicity assists you; opportunity favours you.

      July 22 - August 23

      A break or a vacation is well timed. On a bigger-picture note, Thursday to Saturday thrusts you into fresh territory regarding feeling and thinking. A special someone gains attention now too. Getting to where you should/need/want to be is a major work in progress Sunday through next Wednesday. Reevaluation is necessary. Change is inevitable; there is a right time (and karmic time) for everything.

      August 23 - September 23

      Almost there, almost finished, almost ready. The process has been a slow go; perhaps there has been a significant holdup, too. Don’t expect to experience more of the same. A string of planetary triggers—namely Mars/Uranus on Thursday, sun/Pluto on Sunday, and Venus/Saturn on lunar-eclipse Tuesday—supports you to make a breakthrough. You can and you will get ahead of it!

      September 23 - October 23

      Thursday thrusts the action into high gear, perhaps unexpectedly so. Tuesday’s lunar eclipse brings you a time-line threshold that checks off all the important boxes. You’ll feel the fullest effect if you are born on or close to October 10, 11, or 18. What ends, solidifies, or is seeded now signals the start of so much more to come. Next Thursday is especially opportune.

      October 23 - November 22

      Ready for a break? Thursday can produce one. As well, Mars/Uranus can jettison you into something unexpected. Instinct or spur of the moment could be your stroke-of-genius play. An emotional or actual work-up-to-it process gains added traction on Sunday. Tuesday/Wednesday, you’ll surpass the finish line, reach the goal or destination, and get news, results, or confirmation. Thursday holds good promise.

      November 22 - December 21

      On hot-trigger Thursday, Mars/Uranus can get you thinking or moving in a new direction, perhaps unexpectedly so. Watch for news, a sudden impulse, a flash of inspiration, or for someone to surprise you. Sunday to Tuesday/Wednesday, pressure can mount. A cementing, even life-altering influence, Tuesday’s lunar eclipse can bring you/it to an end and jettison you into a whole new reality.

      December 21 - January 20

      Something unexpected hits the action trigger on Thursday. What’s it worth? Is it done yet? Sun/Pluto loads the bases as of Sunday. It is not about what ends but, rather, what is set in place. Tuesday’s making-it-real eclipse holds significant impact for birthdays falling on or near January 7, 8, or 14.

      January 20 - February 18

      You may feel the threshold-crossing/no-turning-back-now effect of Thursday’s Mars/Uranus transit trigger more dramatically than next Tuesday’s lunar eclipse. Even so, Sunday through next Wednesday shapes the new reality in some undeniable way. Watch for a result or unexpected news regarding work or health, a surprise opportunity, or for someone key to set wheels in motion.

      February 18 - March 20

      Over this next week, potentials prove their worth or their reality. Thursday’s Mars/Uranus can get the ball rolling on opportunity, perhaps unexpectedly. Full swing continues through the weekend. Long in the works but perhaps previously unnoticed, underestimated, or undervalued, Tuesday/Wednesday marks a completion and beginning of significance. What’s cleared away or shows up sets an opportunity stage.