Paddi Rice: How to find your special someone in Vancouver when you #donthave1million

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      By Paddi Rice

      Let’s face it: Vancouver is expensive. How expensive? By one measure, the third most unaffordable housing of 367 urban markets (trailing only Hong Kong and Sydney). If you’re single and looking for a relationship, this can be a problem for two reasons:

      • Endless dating can take a toll on your pocket book (drinks, dinners, etc.).
      • And, if you’re deemed by your date to be ‘not established’ (ie. renting versus owning, etc.), this can make you seem less likely to be "relationship material".

      But just because you “#donthave1million”, it doesn’t have to ruin your chances of finding relationship bliss in Vancouver: the key is to date smarter, not harder.

      Here are the top 5 ways to find your special someone in Vancouver when you “#donthave1million”:

      1. Save it for later 

      Talking about money on a first or second date (whether you have a lot or none at all) is a classic dating don’t. Focus on getting to know the person you’re with and keep it casual, light and positive. There’ll be plenty of time to discuss finances down the road once you’ve established a real connection.

      2. Don’t break the (piggy) bank 

      Avoid overly costly first dates. In addition to being hard on your pocketbook, they can also create awkward pressure when the (huge) bill comes at the end. Your best bet in Vancouver is to keep your dates simple, for example:

      • Grab some coffees and stroll the seawall.
      • Check out Granville Island.
      • Explore a farmer’s market, or dine and go with food truck fare that you’ll both enjoy.

      3. Smart beats rich 

      Even if you’re not (yet) financially established, you can be smart about your finances. Being wise about saving, and living within your means can go a long way towards making a positive impression on your date.

      4. Seek alignment, not perfection

      What’s more important than a specific dollar figure, is whether you’re both on the same page regarding your views on money. Is home ownership a must-have in your future or are you okay with renting? Do you value material possessions or are you comfortable living a more simple existence?

      5. Think in twos 

      At their core, strong relationships are partnerships in every sense of the word. So avoid thinking only in terms of individual assets, and think about your combined potential. Having a partner who’ll be a great parent, or who is supportive of your stressful career, may allow you to achieve even greater financial heights. Being happy is a great career move.

      Paddi Rice explains how to get better results from dating.
      Paddi Rice is president of Executive Search Dating. Founded in 2004, Executive Search Dating has been voted Vancouver’s “#1 Best Dating Service” for five consecutive years in the Georgia Straight's “Best Of Vancouver”, Vancouver’s largest people’s choice awards.