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      1118 Mainland, Vancouver BC, Canada


      This upscale Japanese eatery located in the heart of Yaletown is just as busy as when it opened. Decorated with warm lighting and Japanese artwork, the restaurant welcomes guests with an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. The sister restaurant of Miku (200 Granville Street), Minami serves Japanese dishes with a West Coast twist.

      Its Miso Sakekasu Sablefish with Tiger Prawn Tortellini is one example of the unique flavours here—the fish is smooth, cooked to perfection, and highlighted with umami dashi, shisho foam, and wasabi-shoga relish. Sushi lovers can’t make a visit here without trying the specialty—the famous aburi oshi sushi. Try some (if not all) of Minami's renowned salmon, ebi, or saba oshi sushi, prepared with the restaurant's flame-seared technique and signature sauces.

      Finish off your meal with a dessert, which looks more like a piece of deconstructed artwork than an edible dish. One of the most popular choices is the Green Tea Opera, made with green-tea genoise, dark-chocolate ganache, and matcha ice cream. Even if you think your eating capacity has reached its limit, you'll change your mind and order one last dish after eyeing the dessert on the table next to yours.

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