Aphrodite's Pie Shop


Who thought pie could be good for you?

The chocolate banana cream pie at Aphrodite's looks utterly decadent with its velvety rich mountaintop, but it's made from organic products. In 2003, farmer Allan Christian founded this funky hideaway, which is across the street from Banyen Books and Sound. Seven years after his death, the shop still relies on organic wheat and offers gluten-free pies for those who ask for them, making it a favourite for those with celiac disease.

The selection of flaky and sumptuous organic pies is amazing: lemon meringue, raspberry cream, blackberry-apple, cherry, pecan, pumpkin, pineapple, raspberry-rhubarb, spinach feta pot pie, turkey pot pie, and more. Like other organic products in grocery stores, they're not cheap—$9.25 a slice for the cream pies and $7.50 for a slice of basic fruit pie—but they're well worth the price. Especially if you pair one of these babies with a Dogwood craft beer or a B.C. wine. And when it comes to that chocolate banana cream pie, keep in mind there are no transfats in the nonhydrogenated vegetable shortening. Yes, that’s organic Avalon cream that you’ll enjoy with the Callebaut chocolate.


3598 West 4th Ave. Vancouver BC Canada 604-738-5879 Call · Directions