Male suspect charged in assault during conflict between LGBT ally and street preachers in Vancouver's West End

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      A male suspect has been charged for an assault in Vancouver’s historic LGBT village this past summer.

      After an investigation into a conflict in the West End in August, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) announced today (October 22) that charges for aggravated assault were approved today against 42-year-old Dorre Love. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

      Love and another man had been preaching on Davie Street on August 22.

      A third man, SportsNet 650 host Justin Morissette, approached and confronted Love, and a physical altercation developed.

      As an LGBT ally, Morissette sought to defend LGBT people from the messages the street preachers were spreading in the LGBT–oriented Davie Village.

      Morissette suffered a broken leg and was hospitalized.

      Love and a group of street preachers that had been gathering in the West End during the summer faced opposition from LGBT people and allies who criticized them for homophobic messages.

      Love has been linked to Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries founder David Lynn from Toronto.

      Lynn launched a cross-Canada tour in Victoria in August, and was met with opposition from LGBT protestors and allies. He made several appearances across Metro Vancouver before he held a baptism at Sunset Beach in the West End on August 31, where he faced a large protest.

      As a result of concerns, Mayor Kennedy Stewart announced he would develop policies to address these issues.