On Our Radar: Co-op does more than rock out in a room for "2nd View"

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      The best videos are the ones where a band sets up in a room and then lets the cameras roll while rocking the fuck out. There’s an argument to be made that Co-op kind of does that in the video for “2nd View”—notice how the group’s members never put down the guitars or step away from the drum kit over the song’s 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

      But at the same time, the trio—along with director KC Wei—seems to be gunning for a future spot on a Desert Daze Caravan Tour. One minute Co-op is the middle of running with the zebras, the next it's standing on the lip of a bubbling volcano.

      Oh, and the part where singer-guitarist Evan Gray’s eye patch appears to be providing backing vocals is also pretty rad.

      Sonically, “2nd View” gives you a pretty good idea what would happen if the Black Angels and Brian Jonestown Massacre formed a supergroup and then time-travelled back to 1982 to sign with Factory Records.

      Pass the psychedelics and crank it—preferably while sitting in a room ready to rock the fuck out.