On Our Radar: Bend Sinister's video for "Walk the Other Way" will have you reaching for another piece of pie

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      Quentin Tarantino once said that a truly great movie makes you go home, eat a piece of pie, and talk about what you’ve just seen. In that spirit we’ve been sitting around for days with a family-size key-lime pie discussing the brilliance of Bend Sinister’s “Walk the Other Way”.

      How many takes were required to get the shot where the business executive takes a coffee in the face, the stroke of genius being the way a good amount ends up in his mouth to be spit right back out?

      How did directors Hans RW Goksoyr and David Brigen get newspapers and sheets of 8x11 copy paper to fly back and forth in the air, giving things the appearance of being suspended in boomerang-like time?

      Was a stunt driver hired to pilot the white BMW backwards up the always-challenging and stupidly congested city streets of Vancouver?

      Does the little girl who flips the bird know what giving someone the finger means, and if so does she now walk around her elementary school telling her teachers, fellow students, and the lunch lady to go fuck themselves?

      We could go on but we’re running out of pie.

      Feel free however to discuss amongst yourselves. And remember that only a sick fuck chooses apple over cherry.