Italians on COVID-19 lockdown didn't sing "Mr. Brightside", but the Killers hit could help you avoid virus

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      You've probably seen those videos making the rounds on social media that purport to show Italians singing pop songs from their balconies and open windows. Hell, some pop stars themselves have even shared them. As inspiring as they may be, however, most of them are fake. (Sorry, Katy Perry.)

      The Killers are well aware of this. On Twitter, the band shared a clip of housebound Italians supposedly belting out "Mr. Brightside", while acknowledging that it was phony.

      However, frontman Brandon Flowers also took the opportunity to demonstrate that the chorus of the 2000s hit is just the right length for timing one's hand-washing.

      For more on proper hand-washing, see the Straight's handy-dandy guide.