Brent Butt and Craig Northey get animated on "Everyone Can Sing at Christmas"

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      I follow Brent Butt on Twitter, 'cause he's a funny guy.

      And I enjoy his easygoing, lighthearted approach to comedy.

      For example, two hours ago he tweeted: "Went to bed at 9pm last night, but tossed and turned until 9:04."

      To me that's funny. 

      One hour before that Butt tweeted about how the official video for "Everyone Can Sing at Christmas"--a song he came up with along with Vancouver pop-rock great Craig Northey from Odds--has got a "helluva lot of views" on YouTube.

      So I went and checked it out:

      Okay, so it might not knock "White Christmas" off the All-Time Holiday Faves chart, but it does get the toes tapping merrily in the new old-fashioned way.

      And it does feature appearances by all the characters from the beloved Canadian sitcom Corner Gas, which for the last couple of years has been revived as the CTV Comedy Channel's Corner Gas Animated.

      One YouTube commenter went so far as to say that "Everyone Can Sing at Christmas" is "destined to be the greatest Canadian Christmas classic since Bob & Doug MacKenzie's '12 Days of Christmas'."

      Now that brings back some '80s memories. I always liked the part where Bob (or is it Doug?) sings: "..and a beeeer in a tree."

      It's good to be Canadian at Christmas.