NPA board tells councillor Hector Bremner he won't be the party's nominee for mayor

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      One of the more ambitious potential candidates in Vancouver’s upcoming civic election has hit a snag with his plans to run the city.

      Rookie councillor Hector Bremner declared his intentions to seek the mayoral nomination of the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) last February. But Monday night (May 7), the party’s board disqualified him from running under the NPA banner.

      "Back in August when I began this journey with the NPA, when our party had 78 members, we were all so excited with our momentum, our by-election win and chance to restore this great party to a leadership position at City Hall," Bremner wrote on Facebook. “Tonight, unfortunately, was more clear evidence our board has been taken over by people with another agenda.

      “Tonight the NPA Green Light Committee, mandated with screening candidates, recommended that my name move forward as one of the candidates for the mayoral nomination," the post continues. "I was looking forward to the debate, and the wide open democratic process.

      “The board rejected their advice.

      “A board that was stacked by one of the candidates, the same candidate whose supporters attacked me with false accusations that clearly the Green Light Committee rejected."

      The post was published just after midnight on May 8, so when Bremner writes “tonight,” he’s referring to Monday (May 7).

      “I will have more to say on this, as will the thousands of members we have signed up, our caucus, and all of the shocked members of the NPA tonight.”

      Bremner, age 37, is the newest face on Vancouver city council. He was elected last October in a by-election that was held to fill a seat left vacant.

      From October 2014 to December 2015, Bremner worked as executive assistant to B.C.’s then minister responsible for housing and the deputy premier, Rich Coleman. Before working in Coleman’s office, Bremmer spent a year and a half as executive assistant to the provincial minister of international trade.

      Since early 2015, he has worked in public relations with the Vancouver-based Pace Group. In 2013, he ran unsuccessfully as the B.C. Liberal Party candidate for New Westminster.

      Along with his thoughts on the NPA board rejecting his ambitions to run for mayor, today Bremner also shared a video that he describes as recorded in December 2017.

      “We are getting into this situation now where these guys have somehow taken over the board of directors of the Non-Partisan Association,” Bremner says in the video.

      “Good kid, in his 20s, wants to participate,” he continues. “And they shank him tonight. And they shank him over a bunch of nonsense.

      “There was a vote, he wins the vote, and all this time later, a week later, in a sort-of backroom deal, his vote is nullified. And he’s pushed aside. And you wonder why more normal, rational people don’t get involved in politics. I mean, it’s unbelievable. It’s no wonder people don’t get involved.”

      Vancouver’s next election for mayor, councillors, parks commissioners, and school board is scheduled for October 2018.

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