Carolina Hurricanes decide to cash in on Don Cherry's claim that they're a bunch of jerks

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      The Carolina Hurricanes clearly understand that they're in the entertainment business.

      To generate excitement in a sometimes tepid southern U.S. hockey market, they're performing various on-ice stunts after winning games at home.

      Recently, that included smacking a mock walk-off home run and performing a choreographed dance at centre ice.

      All of this induced an irate rant from Hockey Night in Canada's Don Cherry on the Coaches Corner segment on Saturday (February 16) night.

      "These guys to me are jerks," Cherry declared in the broadcast, which was filmed at CFB Esquimalt.

      Go to 4:40 of this video to witness Don Cherry's temper tantrum over Carolina Hurricanes' celebrations.

      The 'Canes responded by cheekily marketing T-shirts proudly taking ownership of the term, declaring that they're indeed a bunch of jerks.

      "The jerk store called...we are now taking orders," the team tweeted.

      The T-shirts are available for US$32.

      On Saturday night, Cherry also warned players that they better not engage in these antics in the playoffs.

      Then he sneered his disgust about "young men expressing themselves for joy and winning."

      He felt it was making fun of the other team.

      "I know what I'm talking about. You never do anything like that."

      Uh yes, Don, they do do that—and it's probably helping to fill the arena.