Andrew Scheer's newest problem: old video of Faith Goldy lavishly praising Justina McCaffrey, and vice versa

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      If you don't know any of the names in the headline above, let me offer a quick synopsis.

      Andrew Scheer is leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He hopes to become prime minister after the October 21 election.

      Faith Goldy is a far-right media commentator, failed candidate for mayor of Toronto, and a person who's been banned from Facebook for allegedly spreading hate.

      Goldy managed to get fired from Ezra Levant's Rebel Media after appearing on a podcast on the Nazi-sympathizing website, the Daily Stormer.

      And according to an old video that recently surfaced, Goldy's good friend is Justina McCaffrey. She's a well-known wedding-dress designer and the Conservative candidate in Kanata-Carleton.

      Here's the problem for Scheer: Goldy and McCaffrey pitched doing a TV show together.

      Reporters have brought this to Scheer's attention—not the ideal story for the Conservatives in the midst of a federal election campaign.

      All Scheer can say is that he doesn't have anything to do with Goldy.

      For now, at least, the Conservative leader doesn't appear to have a problem with McCaffrey's candidacy.

      We'll see if that lasts until Election Day on October 21. 

      For what it's worth, here's Goldy's latest tweet: "What cooties are to kids, racism is to 'adults': A fictitious disease wherein contagion occurs after only marginal contact with an infected individual, causing all to flee from the carrier so as not to 'catch' it."

      This story follows the recent resignation of Manitoba Conservative candidate Cameron Ogilvie.

      It came after the left-wing site Press Progress revealed postings by Ogilvie on Facebook that it interpreted to be "anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim".

      They included this post: “Canada for Canadians. Share if you agree that all flags from the Middle East should be banned from Canada.”


      Justina McCaffrey hopped in a car to elude taking questions from CBC reporter Katie Simpson. (See below.)

      The Conservative candidate later issued a statement saying that the video was created in 2013 and that she hadn't seen Goldy in "several years". 

      In fact, they were photographed together at the Manning Conference in March 2017.

      The video in which the two praise one another has been removed from YouTube but clips continue being passed around over Twitter.