Liberal Hedy Fry tweets about offensive social media post by Conservative candidate John Hirst

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      It's starting to seem that any time Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer visits a riding in Canada, the Liberals are dropping a social-media bombshell or some other negative story about the local candidate.

      The latest involves John Hirst, the Conservative standard bearer in Nanaimo-Ladysmith.

      On a day when Scheer announced a "universal tax cut", Liberal Hedy Fry undercut the Conservative leader with an announcement of her own.

      She tweeted an image that Hirst once posted on Facebook.

      It showed a photo of actor Denzel Washington with the words "MAH NIGGA".

      "Mr. Scheer doesn't like it when his candidate's racists posts are revealed," Fry declared. "We won't stop. Canadians deserve to know."

      Hirst's social-media post didn't surface earlier this year when he ran in a federal by-election, coming second behind Green candidate Paul Manly.

      Fry's revelation came on the same day that Press Progress reminded Canadians that Conservative candidate Shinder Purewal had tweeted in 2011 that the Vancouver Pride Parade should be banned.

      Purewal, who's running in Fleetwood–Port Kells, objected at the time to "vulgar" displays of sexuality at the event.

      On Saturday (September 14), the Liberals revealed that Kanata-Carleton Conservative candidate Justina McCaffrey had appeared on a 2013 video with her then friend, ultra-right white nationalist Faith Goldy. It came when Scheer was visiting the riding.

      Embarrassing social-media tweets have been released about other Conservative candidates.

      The only one to resign was Cameron Ogilvie, who was nominated in a Manitoba riding. He once proposed that all flags from the Middle East be banned from Canada.

      In response, Scheer has said that he wouldn't have approved the candidacy of a certain Liberal candidate (Justin Trudeau) who's twice been found guilty of violating the Conflict of Interest Act and who's "lied to Canadians".

      Meanwhile, Scheer's proposed universal tax cut would slash the income-tax rate from 15 percent to 13.75 percent for the lowest tax bracket. If it's included in the federal budget, everyone, even high-income earners, would pay less tax on the first $47,630 in annual taxable income.

      According to the parliamentary budget officer, it will cost the federal treasury about $6 billion per year in foregone revenue.