Molson Coors reveals that Concord Pacific is buyer of Vancouver brewery site

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      Last November, the Georgia Straight and other Vancouver media outlets reported the sale of the Molson Coors brewery at the south end of the Burrard Bridge.

      At the time, the company refused to disclose the buyer of the three-hectare site.

      Today, it's been confirmed that Vancouver developer Concord Pacific is the purchaser for $185 million.

      Molson Coors intends to use this money toward developing a new brewery within B.C. in three to five years.

      It's been making beer on the site for more than 50 years.

      The Vancouver brewery site is zoned industrial. Under Metro Vancouver's regional growth strategy, municipal governments must identify industrial areas within boundaries and adopt regional context statements to "support and protect industrial uses".

      This includes a requirement to "exclude uses which are inconsistent with the intent of industrial areas, such as medium and large format retail, residential uses (other than industrial caretaker units where necessary), and stand-alone office uses that are not supportive of industrial activities".

      Vancouver council voted in 2011 to adopt the regional growth strategy.

      Meanwhile, a B.C. Supreme Court ruling in 2014 declared that while the legislature wanted municipal official community plans to be aligned with the regional growth strategy, it "did not intend to subject municipalities' land use powers to regional district approval".

      That decision has raised new questions about the future of land zoned industrial across Metro Vancouver, including the Molson Coors brewery site.