Maxime Bernier promotes Instagram feed of far-right vlogger who once called Nuremberg Trials a "kangaroo court"

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      Most Canadians have probably never heard of Jeremy Mackenzie, a Nova Scotia combat veteran who regularly dishes up his far right views on various platforms.

      However, the self-described Raging Dissident's reach has likely expanded somewhat as a result of a tweet by the leader of the People's Party of Canada.

      That's because Maxime Bernier touted Mackenzie's Instagram account in a June 25 social-media post.

      In the same tweet, the PPC leader disseminated Mackenzie's recent Rick Mercer–style rant about violent hockey fans in Montreal.

      "We need strong Canadian men to stand up and defend our freedoms and values," Bernier declared.

      While Mackenzie's views on some hockey fans' behaviour will resonate with many Canadians, some of his other perspectives have raised concerns in the past.

      According to an April post on, Mackenzie has claimed that there's a race war underway in America.

      In addition, according to the post, Mackenzie has insisted that there are times when it would be wise for people who share his beliefs to vandalize journalists' cameras and vehicles rather than simply saying "no comment" when the media shows up at events. also reported that Mackenzie spoke about burning down Parliament Hill after being subjected to denial of service attacks on social-media platforms. 

      In the past, Mackenzie has alleged that the Nuremberg Trials were a "kangaroo court" and that senior Nazi military leader Hermann Goering was murdered (rather than the official story that he committed suicide) because he was talking too much common sense.

      In another recording, Mackenzie referred to the conspiracy text The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a "playbook" and maintained that Jews control the media and Hollywood.

      Mackenzie is a proud owner of the novel The Day of the Rope. It takes its name from an event in another novel, The Turner Diaries, in which white supremacists take over California and, according to the ADL, "engage in mass lynchings of purported 'race traitors' such as journalists, politicians, and women in relationships with non-white men".

      Bernier has often said that people with racist views are not welcome in the People's Party of Canada.

      He's currently suing author and consultant Warren Kinsella for defamation after Kinsella, a former Jean Chrétien speechwriter, repeatedly described him this way before and during the 2019 federal election campaign.

      According to the Globe and Mail, the Conservative Party of Canada hired a consulting firm headed by Kinsella to "destroy" the PPC's image.

      Bernier was the minister of foreign affairs and industry, as well as minister of state for small business and tourism, at different times in Conservative governments headed by Stephen Harper.


      After this story appeared, the writer of this article, Charlie Smith, was blocked by Maxime Bernier on Twitter.