Protesters enraged about vaccine passports throw pebbles at Justin Trudeau

It occurred as the Liberal leader was boarding his campaign bus in London, Ontario

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      Once again, Justin Trudeau was dogged by demonstrators who disagree with his support for vaccine passports and mandatory COVID-19 immunizations for federal civil servants and air travellers.

      In London, Ontario, hecklers hurled pebbles at the Liberal leader as he boarded his campaign bus.

      The London Free Press reported that many of the activists were wearing the purple colours of the People's Party of Canada. Some were holding signs supporting their local PPC candidates.

      Nobody was hurt in the shower of pebbles. According to CTV, two media employees were also hit.

      Conservative Leader Erin OToole was quick to condemn what happened.

      "Political violence is never justified and our media must be free from intimidation, harassment, and violence," he tweeted.

      According to CTV reporter Annie Berson, Trudeau later said that a little bit of gravel might have hit his shoulder.

      "He tried to brush if off saying, 'Does it really matter?' " she added.