Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth extends B.C.'s state of emergency by two weeks

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      COVID-19 has caused the longest state of emergency in British Columbia's history.

      Today, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth extended this situation by two weeks, based on recommendations from health and emergency-management officials.

      That means the state of emergency must remain in place until June 9 to "support continued coordination of B.C.'s COVID-19 response".

      Under the Emergency Program Act, Farnworth has broad powers, including:

      * fixing prices or rationing food, clothing, fuel, equipment, medical or other essential supplies;

      * procuring any property, services, resources, or equipment within B.C.;

      * authorizing the entry into any building on any land, without a warrant, in the course of implementing an emergency plan; 

      * and controlling or prohibiting travel to or from any area in B.C.

      “As businesses work hard to safely reopen their doors and friends and families carefully expand their social bubbles, we are beginning to see what this global challenge will look like in B.C.,” Farnworth said in a news release. “Our government is committed to supporting people and businesses for the long road ahead, and we will continue to find ways to keep the economy moving and keep people safe.”