Vancouver Public Library will forgive fines over two-week period in June

It's intended to lure patrons back to the branches—even those who've lost their ability to borrow

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      The Vancouver Public Library (VPL) is beloved by many residents. But not all.

      That's because one in 10 VPL users cannot borrow materials because they haven't paid down fines.

      Under VPL rules, any balance greater than $10 prevents people from checking out books, films, and other holdings.

      But from June 14 to 27, the VPL plans an amnesty of sorts.

      All fines will be forgiven.

      It's especially good news for some folks living in poorer areas of the city.

      According to VPL stats, 30 percent of all blocked cardholders are in the four lowest-income areas.

      Anyone seeking forgiveness for fines can do one of three things:

      1. Call 604-331-3670;

      2. Visit any of the branches;

      3. Visit

      "Fines create negative experiences for both our community and staff, and discourage individuals and families from using the library," the VPL states on its website. "By removing outstanding fines on Vancouver Public Library cards, we hope to reconnect people with their library and the collections and services they love and need to succeed."