Forward-thinking oxio makes good on promise to be the first internet provider you’ll actually like

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      If you’ve been through the dance of dealing with Canada’s big-business internet service providers, then you know the process is exhausting. 

      It starts with hours of canned muzak on the phone, and endless wait times for the chat-bots, just so you can play the game of grinding one corporate monolith against the other. All that misery just in the hope of shaving a few dollars of your monthly bill. And the savings only come when you agree to be roped into a multi-year contract, prices jacked up the second that contract expires. 

      There is a better way: oxio. 

      Founded a half-decade ago in small-town Quebec, the plucky upstart had a clear, beautifully democratic vision right from the start: make the internet affordable for everyone. 

      That meant taking a forward-thinking approach to everything from its budget-conscious pricing and refreshingly flexible plans to its famously chill customer service and unapologetically grassroots approach to business. 

      Not surprisingly, people have been listening to oxio. 

      We now live in a world where bigger isn’t better, which is why we shop local wherever possible and hang at neighbourhood eateries rather than major chains. 

      oxio has embraced that philosophy,which has helped it becomes one of the most loved ISP's in Canada. Just check the ratings online (4.3 on Google 4.6 on Planhub!) and you’ll see for yourself. 

      Check out its website,, and you’ll find this promise: “The first internet provider you’ll actually like.”

      The love starts with no-term contracts, oxio poking deserved fun at the big guys with “Term contracts? lol. What is this 2001? At oxio there are no term contracts. Ever. Like never ever.” 

      Prices start at $40 dollars a month (the barebones basic plan, perfect for anyone living alone and looking to doom scroll through Instagram while watching episodes of Baby Reindeer). Those plans go right up to $90 a month (great for families of six with 25 devices or more, where at any given time two gamers are bombing through the San Andreas badlands on Grand Theft Auto, three are piloting Fallout’s Vault Dweller through post-apocalyptic America, and everyone is checking the latest NHL playoff scores on their iPhones. Go Canucks!)

      The Modem and router, as well as installation, come free with every package. 

      Because oxio is a 100 percent digital ISP, activation is instant and hassle free. And downloads are unlimited, which means you can sit there 24 hours a day, seven days a week sharing your favourite memes (“That man at the back of the plane is not real!!!!!”), blasting out emails, streaming everything ever written by Taylor Swift, or running Zoom meetings while preparing for an afternoon of paddleboarding at Kits Beach. 

      As for where your money goes, oxio does things a little differently than Canada’s major internet players, which are famous for price hikes that help keep their shareholders and corporate executives happy. Every customizable oxio plan can be found on, customers getting a complete breakdown of where every dollar they spend goes, from network sustainability to logistics, hardware, marketing, payroll, and profit. And speaking of profits, oxio is famous for putting people first over profits, occasionally actually lowering prices on plans. 

      The rewards don’t stop there. If you’ve been with one of the major ISPs in Canada for a while, take a look at what you were paying two years ago, and compare that to today. In addition to having zero use for term-contacts—again, they simply aren’t a thing!—oxio also promises no price hikes—ever!—if you’re a new customer thinking of signing on. 

      Added bonuses include its wildly popular referral program, where every time someone uses your referral code, you and the person you’re turning on to oxio both get a free month. (For the referee, the first month is free. For the referrer, it’s once the referee starts their third month of oxio. Go here for full deets!) 

      Get your grind on big time, and, theoretically, assuming you’ve got no shortage of friends, acquaintances, and randos tired of big ISP companies, it’s possible you’ll never have to pay for your internet again. Like, never ever. 

      Welcome to the oxio family. We’re happy you’re here. 

      For more information or to say a big “howdy” to the team at oxio, visit