Drink of the Week

Do you like to pair wine with Pride on your travels? You're in luck.
Craft Beer Week is just around the corner, but local breweries are celebrating early by toasting a handful of home-brewed groups with their own signature suds.
If you didn’t get a set of oaken beers for Christmas, there may still be time.
Two new 12-year-old and 21-year-old Cognacs are simply delicious if you want to indulge.
There's one each, white and red, and they're named after the four wine directors at West, CinCin, Blue Water, and Araxi.
Just so we understand each other, I’m still something of a purist when it comes to certain wine nomenclature.
Sample more than 250 B.C. wines and dishes at this annual event.
New from the national whisky maker Canadian Club is a delicious whisky for people with a bit of a sweet tooth—and you can’t buy it here.
Made from three varieties of organic apricots, this fortified wine goes especially well with white chocolate.
It’s not all that long a way to Tipperary—you just have to stop by the miscellaneous beer coolers/cider section of your nearby LDB store and pick up a can or three of Magners Irish Cider.