The Yes Men Fix the World punks the big boys

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      A documentary by Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. Rated G. Plays Monday, January 4, and Wednesday to next Thursday, January 6 to 14, at the Vancity Theatre

      The corporate pranksters we met in The Yes Men return six years later to Fix the World, and, boy, does it need fixin’.

      Watch the trailer for The Yes Men Fix the World.

      Having learned that being white guys in ordinary business suits pretty much makes you an expert on something or other, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno (with others less visible) have continued to punk oversized asses at conventions, news conferences, and media events the world over.

      In 2005, for example, on the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, Birchlbaum reached 300 million viewers of BBC World News. Masquerading as a PR rep for Dow Chemical, he announced that the corporate giant would finally be remediating the Union Carbide site, where more than six thousand people died, and would also be looking after the survivors.

      Reaction to the good news? Dow stock dropped three points in 20 minutes and the Yes Men were denounced as “cruel hoaxers” by commentators really, really concerned about dashing the hopes of weary Bhopal residents. Thus, in this more visually deluxe doc, our guys head to India, and later to New Orleans, to meet alleged victims of their heinous acts of wishful thinking.

      More typically, the stunt-worthy recipients are glassy-eyed chicken eaters at confabs in Calgary or Washington, D.C. And the most frightening thing about their venture is how few eyebrows are raised, no matter how outrageous the acts. But at a gathering devoted to extracting “silver linings” from the latest disasters, Bonanno shows up in a rubber suit that rolls like a giant grape with teats (complete with Halliburton logo)—and their “SurvivaBalls” are seen as just another intriguing model in a changing market.

      Let’s face it: the Yes Men are liars. But they still manage to get some 95-percent truths across in an age when marching in the street doesn’t keep anyone informed.