Alex Chilton gets his local due with tribute show

Tom Anselmi is the newest addition to July 29th’s WISE Hall tribute to seminal rocker Alex Chilton, who died in March. Anselmi, who has lately been working on the modular-synth project Hello World—and who formerly fronted Slow and Copyright—told the Straight that he and drummer Pete Bourne will focus on songs off Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers album. “That’s the Chilton album that I really love,” Anselmi said. “I’m impressed by songwriters who are able to say something very meaningful and emotional in a simple and understated way. A song like ”˜Take Care’ is very simple in its presentation, but it has a lot of meaning to me.”

The gig is being organized by Tim Chan and Eric Lowe of 64 Funnycars. “It’s the first show 64 Funnycars has played in 16 years,” guitarist Chan said, adding that their set will include Big Star’s “Back of a Car”—also the name of a Vancouver-based Chilton fanzine to be sold at the show. Other bands include Magnetic West (featuring former Modernette Randy Carpenter) doing all Box Tops songs,and the ukulele ensemble the Tiny Tim Overdrive. Proceeds will benefit the Vancouver Food Bank–affiliated cooking-education program Fresh Choice Kitchens.