Wishbone Ash brings the majestic dual-lead guitars of Argus to Vancouver

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      Two lead guitars are better than one, some say, and British prog-rockers Wishbone Ash made a strong case for that argument on their Argus album of 1972. 

      On tracks like "Sometime World", "Blowin' Free", "Warrior", and especially the seven-minute "The King Will Come", coguitarists Andy Powell and Ted Turner conjured the type of beautifully melodic twin-lead work that would inspire many an Iron Maiden solo--and leave Vancouver acoustic-guitar virtuoso Don Alder feeling mighty impressed as well.

      The 62-year-old Powell is still at it, and he's bringing the latest version of Wishbone to town for a show at Venue on Tuesday, March 19.

      The quartet--which currently includes coguitarist Manny Manninen, bassist Bob Skeat, and drummer Joseph Crabtree--will perform Argus in its entirety, so get ready to relive that defining moment (it's at the 1:14 mark on "The King Will Come") when '70s prog-rock became majestic as all hell.

       And if we're really lucky, maybe they'll do "Persephone" from There's the Rub as well. It's the most intoxicating seven-minute rock tune of 1974, don'tcha know.




      dave in langley

      Jan 31, 2013 at 9:10am

      I saw this version of the band in 2010 and I had a blast getting reacquainted with songs I used to know and hearing the new ones that fit into the Ash mold. I went to their website and this outfit has tour tenacity; looks like they've played 100 shows a year for each of the past five or so years. It's a can't miss for me

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