Dark-haired Depeche Mode Dreamgirl

You're a stunning raven-haired beauty with fantastic taste in music and clothing. You had your hair tied up in a ponytail and short bangs which revealed your dark, piercing eyes. You were wearing a black leather jacket and black pants which made fit your incredible body perfectly. Mysterious and alluring. I was wearing a brown suede jacket, hoodie, jeans, and a baseball cap. I saw you inside at Rogers Arena last night as you were approaching the stairs and descended down from the upper 300 level heavens after the concert. You were with your 2 friends (1 guy, 1 girl) and we exchanged gazes. You glanced back again when you were nearing the bottom of the stairs and I couldn't help but smile. I detected a slight accent. European maybe? I was waiting for my friends right outside the doors and we shared a friendly glance as you passed by and headed down to the street level plaza near the ticket windows on Expo Blvd. I was sitting on one of the concrete benches waiting for my friends when I saw arrive again, standing around with your friends, waiting for somebody. I was there a while waiting and you seemed to be there a while too. I was about to come introduce myself when I saw your friend/boyfriend arrive after your phone call and you headed off walking down towards Expo Blvd. You passed by me on your way to cross the street while I was sitting down and we shared another look of of recognition, and maybe, intrigue? This time a little longer. There's another piece to this mystery. I KNOW we've locked eyes in Vancouver before. I recognized you even though we've never met face-to-face. Maybe a bar, a coffee shop, or another music concert. Another life perhaps? I remember regretting that I never said hello to your the first time but there was a reason. A wedding ring?

 You're SOMEBODY I desire to get to know and I didn't approach this time around out of respect to your male counterpart. If Serendipity was lining these events up, you're miraculously free, and by a long shot happen to see this, contact me. I want to hear your stories and enjoy some music with you.

When: Wednesday, October, 25 2017

Where: Depeche Mode Concert, Rogers Arena