Abbotsford liquor store 9? Years ago

The eye contact we shared was undeniable, I’ve never had that with anyone but you, it's frustrating that I never got to see you again, you were and I'm sure still are the most beautiful woman I'd ever met, it was physically difficult to take my eyes away from yours, I'll always remember your crystal clear bright blue eyes and dark hair (my kryptonite apparently, at least when it came to you) I still think about you but I shouldn't because I'd only seen you twice, it's a little messed up, I get it, I'm thrown off by it too but it's true and it's been about 9 fn years wtf...anyways I'm writing this because the chances of ever seeing you again are basically zero and I'm growing tired and beat by keeping my hopes up, I have to put the hope of ever seeing you again to rest so I can move on, I wish you the best wherever you are and for my last hope, I hope your life is filled with everything you could ever want and that you're happy, loved and free. Well possible "twin flame" / love of my life, there will never be another you, I can just feel it so goodbye for now, maybe I'll see you in another life. At least I can have hope for that

When: Saturday, September, 30 2023

Where: Abbotsford BC liquor store