Kazakh muscleman and his plastic bride put nuptials on hold thanks to COVID-19

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      Remember Yuri Tolochko, the Kazakh bodybuilder who was all set to marry his girlfriend Margo on March 27? Sure you do.

      The fact that Margo was not a living woman but a sex doll was no deterrent, as far as Tolochko was concerned. On the other hand, there was the small matter of a certain global pandemic.

      That's right: Tolochko called off his wedding because of the coronavirus.

      The Malay Mail reports that the muscleman and actor broke the sad news on Instagram:

      Dear friends, our wedding has been postponed due to self-isolation. As soon as the mandatory quarantine is lifted, we will plan the wedding within a few days. In general, we are determined and our mood is good. The quarantine has been announced until mid-April. P.S. So that you are not sad, I offer a beautiful video, shot while riding a tuk-tuk on the island of Ko Samet [in Thailand]. Enjoy it!

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      Oddly enough, the bride-to-be had no comment.