Proud 2 Vote townhall to discuss LGBT issues with B.C. political parties

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      Update: B.C. NDP's Spencer Chandra Herbert and B.C. Green Party's Nicola Spurling will participate in this event. 

      Despite being invited, the B.C. Liberals won't have a representative in attendance. The Georgia Straight has contacted the B.C. Liberals to find out why.

      Original article:

      Although B.C. LGBT communities have advanced in numerous areas, other issues remain of concern and recent developments continue to highlight that fact.

      Among the latest issues, B.C. Liberal candidate Laurie Throness resigned yesterday (October 15) after controversial comments he made about birth control.

      However, he had previously been the focus of criticism for his ongoing willingness to advertise in a conservative Christian publication that included views against SOGI resources in schools and in support of conversion therapy.

      The B.C. Liberals’ failure to take action against him had resulted in the Vancouver Pride Society barring the party from participating in the 2020 Vancouver Pride parade.

      These and other ongoing issues have been of concern to LGBT people and allies as citizens try to decide upon who to vote for in the provincial election.

      If you want to know more or ask questions about the stances of B.C. political parties on LGBT issues, there’s an upcoming opportunity to do so.

      Vancouver-based queer resource centre Qmunity, Rainbow Refugee, LOUD Business, and the LOUD Scholarship Foundation will host the free online provincial election townhall and discussion entitled Proud 2 Vote from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday (October 20) on Zoom.

      Representatives from the B.C. Greens, B.C. NDP, and B.C. Liberals have been invited to discuss LGBT issues in the province and are yet to be confirmed.

      News 1130 news director and Vancouver Pride Society board of directors co-chair Charmaine de Silva will moderate the discussion.

      Full details are available at the Facebook event webpage.