Where to get croissants in Vancouver

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      I’m a carb aficionado, so finding a good croissant feels like hitting the jackpot. Unlike dating prospects in Vancouver, the flakier the croissant, the better. Here are a few of my favourites in the city.

      Merci Boulangerie 

      There is something about a fuss-free croissant that satisfies your cravings despite its simplicity. That’s what you get when you order a butter croissant from Merci Boulangerie (or a croissant au beurre if you’re feeling fancy). What originally started as an order-only offering has now seen this small online business turn into a full-fledged bakery on Commercial Drive.


      Small Victory

      Get croissants on the go at Small Victory with their mini versions (think one-bite brownies, but flakey croissants instead). These bite-sized pieces are a favourite of mine when I am just looking for a little mid-day treat or when I know I have to show up to my next engagement presentable and don’t want to deal with crumbs.


      A Bread Affair

      Regarding grabbing a bite on Granville Island, I only have two pieces of advice: don’t eat outside because the seagulls will ruin your experience, and stop by A Bread Affair. Known for its great loaf of bread and its sustainability practices of working with local vendors, green packaging, and food-waste reduction, A Bread Affair also makes a great pain au chocolat. The chocolate is perfectly layered between buttery dough.


      Nemesis Coffee

      Come for the coffee (or limited-edition ube matcha latte) and stay for the creative offerings from Dope Bakehouse at Nemesis Coffee. Here, you can experience two of my favourite things combined: tiramisu and croissants. Not only is this pastry gorgeous, but it also has mascarpone ciboust and espresso chantilly whip. It truly is as tasty as it is Instagrammable.


      Angus T

      Angus T in Yaletown will always be a go-to for lots of sweet and savoury flavour offerings. You can find well-known sweets like pistachio and lemon curd or the classic ham and cheese if you’re craving something heartier. Looking to try something a bit harder to find at other bakeries? The tuna and corn is one that I swear by (even though no one ever wants to hear me out about it).