VIFF 2018: Samouni Road


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      Twenty-nine members of the Samouni family were slaughtered during Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2009, a story told here through the words of remaining family members (principally Amal, a cheerful child with shrapnel in her head) and Simone Massi’s wonderful line-drawn animation.

      Hamas and Fatah circle the tragic event—“Every political group would seize the opportunity,” says the mother of young Mahmoud, fearing his radicalization—but the film gives no quarter to Israeli forces who targeted this innocent farming clan. Matching declassified audio with reconstructed drone footage, we hear a commander grow testy over an unanswered order to shoot a group that includes children. As such, Samouni Road dispenses with “objectivity”—a myth under these circumstances, too often employed by western media to excuse atrocities. See it and weep.