VIFF 2014: Argentina's Wild Tales is a riotous crowd-pleaser

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      Wild Tales (Argentina/Spain)

      This wickedly entertaining collection of six stories about revenge and karma by Argentine director Damián Szifrón is chockfull of razor-sharp narrative wit. When circumstances bring together antagonists in unexpected ways, Szifrón throws in attempts at murder, infidelity, violence, and explosions that all backfire—repeatedly—in a recipe for boisterous hilarity. In the mix, there’s a nervous waitress who’s tempted to lash out at the asshole who destroyed her family; a cat-and-mouse game of road rage that constantly turns the tables in dizzying ways; a wealthy father encircled by vulturous associates when he tries to shield his son from hit-and-run charges; and a wedding reception from hell to end all wedding receptions from hell. Szifrón demonstrates a highwire talent for balancing the outrageous and the believable, the horrific and the hilarious. After watching this riotous crowd-pleaser, you’ll think thrice about ever seeking revenge on someone.

      October 6 (3:30 p.m.), Centre for Performing Arts; October 11 (11:15 a.m.), Cinematheque

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